Choosing glass for packaging is a sustainable choice, and sourcing colored glass jars is a proven way to avoid any alteration of the flavor or composition of your product’s contents. In addition to the glass being 100 percent recyclable, your design aesthetic won’t suffer either with Berlin Packaging’s extensive range of color options.


Using Color to Protect Ingredients

Colored glass jars with lids are an excellent choice for storing light-sensitive contents while also setting a product apart from the more commonly used clear glass jar. UV filtering colors, which reduce light's ability to degrade ingredients, include blue, green, and amber, with amber being the most effective. For a balance between transparency and protection, blue glass is also an excellent sustainable option.

Choose Colored Jars For Any Purpose

For preserves and preserving applications, Mason jars are an iconic choice, prized for their longevity and heat-resistance as well as their distinctive aesthetic. Straight-sided amber glass jars are a smart option for salves, balms, and creams where photosensitivity is a concern. These jars have light-filtering properties to preserve content potency and quality, and are inert. They also have a comparatively wide, low profile that allows easy access to the contents. You'll also fine colored glass jars that are FDA-approved, so meet food contact safety standards.

The Berlin Packaging line has been curated to offer customers a breadth of colored glass jars wholesale options, so the buying process can truly be singularly sourced. Beyond the general purpose round glass jar, wide and narrow-mouthed, round and straight-sided, and thick and square-based jars are just a few of the profiles available in colors. They are attractive for aesthetic packaging purposes, as well as light-refractive for more delicate ingredients. With so many options, the buying process is simple, efficient and economical.

A One-Stop-Shop

Berlin Packaging is here to help with all of your go-to-market needs. As the world’s only hybrid packaging supplier, our goal is to make packaging simple and efficient for our customers by offering complimentary design, and brand and market consultation services

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