Use clear glass bottles to showcase your products in long-lasting, reusable packaging. Protect your products from chemicals and contaminants to ensure the integrity of their contents long after they've been packaged. Wholesale clear glass bottles can easily be customized to best fit your needs when it comes to appearance, practicality, and safety. 

Why Use Glass?

Glass is made from natural materials such as limestone, soda ash, and sand. The nonporous nature of glass leaves it impermeable, making it a good option when it comes to storing food or beverages because contaminants can't reach the contents. Products are protected from outside elements and any outer packaging that could affect texture, odor, and flavor. Glass is inert, meaning it won't produce chemical reactions with its contents. It's a durable material due to its rigidity, which ensures it doesn't deteriorate or lose its shape. It can withstand pressure, making it easier to stack or ship in bulk. Glass can be endlessly recycled without affecting its quality or strength.

Types of Clear Glass Bottles

Choose from a wide range of glass bottles, which come in many shapes and sizes and can be paired with a variety of tops. Clear glass wine bottles have the traditional narrow neck and can be fitted with either cork or screw cap closures. For products that need extra protection from exposure to air, clear glass bottles with corks are a good choice as they create a firm seal. Select glass bottles with threaded caps for dried foods and pharmaceuticals for good protection of products. 

Reasons to Choose Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging provides services such as warehouse storage and label design. They also manage the supply chain for you, overseeing your purchases and inventory and tracking deliveries. Their team will also analyze your spending and find ways to reduce costs.

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