Use colored glass bottles to package all your products elegantly. Various hues and compositions of tinted glass bottles work best for different contents. For example, amber-colored bottles are good for storing sensitive liquids because of the UV-filtering qualities of the glass. Borosilicate glass, which comes in a variety of colors, is popular for packaging chemical solutions. Color coding chemical solutions with different shades of glass or caps helps prevent dangerous and costly mix ups. Small colored glass bottles work well for companies that produce essential oils, perfumes, and other scents. Purchasing small bottles with roller caps and lids provides a fast way for consumers to use your product.

Uses for Painted and Tinted Glass Bottles

Beautifully crafted, colored glass bottles are useful for companies that create health and beauty products. Large-scale businesses can buy colored glass bottles wholesale and in bulk to save on cost without sacrificing quality. For example, oil and lubricant glass bottles may have a PVC coating that helps preserve the contents in case of minor accidental dropping. For professional, attractive containers, try a variety of shapes such as the diamond, triangular, square, or round versions. There are also a multitude of cap choices to select from, including cork, screw, child-resistant, swing-top, and more.

Glass Bottles for Alcohol

Glass bottles are a simple and safe way to store liquids. Purchase glass bottles to package your wine to maintain superior taste and aging ability. Select amber glass bottles for packaging beer to help preserve contents from deterioration from exposure to UV rays. Browse high-quality glass bottles at Berlin Packaging and find the right colored glass bottles for your bottling needs.

Why Use Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging offers a one-stop shopping experience for both enterprise companies that purchase large volumes of bottles and smaller firms that cater to niche markets. Teams at Berlin Packaging work with you to create the product you require and monitor the whole supply chain process.

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