Cut costs and time by ordering glass bottles with caps instead of purchasing the two separately. Glass bottles are durable, efficient, and recycle well. The availability and low cost of clear glass bottles makes them a viable solution for high-yield bottling jobs.

Benefits of Using Glass Bottles

Blue, amber, and green glass bottles help protect contents from UV rays that can change the chemical composition of contents. Glass bottles with screw caps that are manufactured child-resistant are a good choice for chemicals and medications because they reduce the risk of exposing little ones to the contents. Glass can also be effectively recycled several times without affecting its quality. Turn around for recycling glass into a new sterile bottle is 30 days, so glass is highly available to bottling companies and other packing industries. Clear glass bottles also resist chemical interaction with products, so the contents keep their smell, taste, or potency for a long time. Use glass bottles for preserving the scent of bath or body products, essential oils, and tinctures. 

Is Ordering Glass Bottles With Caps Beneficial?

Ordering glass bottles with screw caps and other bottling supplies from several companies can lead to delays in production. To maximize the purchase to delivery process, Berlin Packaging works with manufacturers across the globe to provide superior sourcing, and helps you with any issues you encounter along the way.

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