With a range of bucket accessories to choose from, products contained in buckets and pails will benefit from increased flexibility, security, and ease of use. Whether you are looking for safety regarding pharmaceuticals, health and welfare for moving heavy buckets, or mechanisms for easy distribution, bucket accessories cover a wide scope of needs.

Bucket Accessories Expand Product Use

Add a simple lid to a bucket and it becomes stackable and secure. Utilizing gamma seal lids to reseal a bucket effectively makes it air-tight and leak-resistant, while strainers, pail pumps, and spouts provide easy access to and handling of the product. Construction, dairy, pharmaceutical, and pet food industries use bucket accessories daily to add value to their products and minimize shipping damage. Tear tab lids are a practical bucket accessory for ease of spotting tampering on high-quality, heavy-duty plastic buckets. PP heavy-duty pail screw top caps for 5-gallon buckets with knockouts are a popular accessory for easily attaching a faucet, and are available without knockouts for solid or semi-solid products. Improving the workplace with bucket accessories is easy with a manual plastic pail lid closer which can help secure the bucket quickly and evenly. Take a look at semi-automatic lid closures for a faster, improved result.

Do Accessories Work With Metal Buckets?

When working with steel buckets, many accessories are available, from liners for ease of emptying to lid removers for fast opening. Cast iron rotary pumps are an important tool for the safe handling of lubricating oils, antifreeze, and flammable fuels. Keep a supply of steel bucket covers on hand to replace old or damaged covers.

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