Blue glass vials are an attractive way to display a variety of commercial and domestic products, with the transparent glass allowing for easy identification of the items inside. Additionally, the aesthetically pleasing blue vial glass bottles make the products stand out on shelves.

What Kinds of Lids Are Available for Glass Vials?

Blue glass vials are available with a variety of different lids. Screw-top glass vials offer a multitude of benefits, such as reduced leakage and less risk of the product within being contaminated. Similarly, glass vials with lids also come with choices including applicators and phenolic tri-foil and tamper-evident options, ensuring consumers can see if the caps or closures were ever unscrewed.

Glass Is a Stable and Safe Packaging Option

Transparent glass vials offer a quick and easy way to see what's contained inside, while the blue glass vials allow for added UV resistance and further aesthetic value. Additionally, vials are an easy way to package materials, and as glass is virtually inert and impermeable, these bottles can house a variety of products with little risk of contamination from outside sources. To further guarantee quality, the glass vials are shipped in shrink-wrapped trays to ensure they remain clean and safe from breakage during shipment.

Can Glass Vials Be Used for Home Goods Products?

While glass vials are commonly associated with laboratories and medical use, blue glass vials are becoming a popular option for products sold for home use, such as craft supplies and aromatherapy oils. Their aesthetic value and lack of negative reactions with most chemicals ensure the products inside retain their integrity, and the blue glass stands out on shelves to attract the eyes of consumers. Furthermore, blue has been proven as a safe, dependable packaging color, and using blue glass can draw attention and imbue products with a sense of familiarity and comfort.

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