Berlin Packaging offers plastic and glass body scrub and bath salt jars, as well as a variety of general-purpose jars suitable for many types of products. These jars are available in a variety of colors and come in capacities as small as 0.25 ounces and as large as 1 gallon.

Why Package Beauty Products in Colored Jars?

Bath salt and body scrub jars are offered in a variety of colors, including clear, natural, and white. For some products, light can cause a photochemical reaction that can alter the components of the product. Colored jars are suitable for such products because they offer varying levels of protection from UV radiation and light.

The Benefits of Glass for Bath Salt Packaging

Packaging items in glass jars is a sustainable, safe, healthy, and attractive choice. Glass is 100 percent recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option, which is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Glass is also chemically inert, nonporous, and impermeable, which helps maintain the integrity of any product packaged within it.

Wholesale Body Scrub Jars Are Available in a Variety of Shapes

Berlin Packaging offers wholesale bath salt jars in round, oval, square, and designer shapes. Straight-sided glass jars are a durable option to maintain the quality and freshness of products, and the straight sides are an ideal shape for labeling. The square shape maximizes storage capacity and shelf space.

Make More Money with Berlin Packaging

When you purchase body scrub and bath salt jars from Berlin Packaging, you benefit from more than just our quality products. Our consulting division, E3, goes beyond your packaging needs. E3 professionals are available to serve your entire operation to help create a superior return on your investment. These consulting services are offered free to Berlin Packaging's customers.

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