A product's packaging projects the personality of the brand. Instantly, it tells customers what to expect. When comparing health and beauty jars on the shelf, most consumers don't carefully analyze each choice. Instead, they rely on easy-to-see features, like the packaging. This may be as true with lotion and cream jars as with any other product category.

Make the Health and Beauty Jars Part of the Experience

Cream and lotion jars create an opportunity to engage the consumer with style, material, and color that exhibit your brand. Packaging is the first thing a customer sees, and it's what they can physically touch when they want to inspect further. Less attractive packaging than the competition triggers consumers to view the product in a less positive light.

In addition to glass jars from less than 0.5 ounces to 1 gallon in a selection of shapes and colors, choose between a wide selection of health and beauty jars in several different grades of plastic made for a variety of applications. From straight-sided to square plastic jars to thick wall and thick base jars to jars with window caps, find the best lotion and cream packaging to promote your brand.

Preserve Your Valuable Products

The right health and beauty jars for your products will preserve the contents, so the color and texture remain the same from first to last use. Clear packaging exposes the contents to light, so for additional chemical-resistant cream and ointment jars, choose dark-colored cream containers. Add even more stability by choosing glass, which is an inert product that doesn't easily react to chemicals.

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