1.69 oz Black (Violet) Glass Straight Sided Jar (Black Urea Cap) - 5002B02

Item #: 5002B02

  • 50 ml Violet Glass Straight Sided Jar
  • Modern black urea cap with PET/LDPE foam liner included
  • UV Resistant, BPA Free*
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About This Product

1.69 oz Black (Violet) Glass Straight Sided Jar with Black Phenolic Cap

These hard to find violet glass straight sided jars, also known as Miron jars, feature lustrous dark glass that appears black to the naked eye. These glass jars make striking packaging for a variety of beauty products including cosmetics, face and eye creams, lotions, or serums.

Trending uses also include cannabis applications such as CBD and hemp products. The ultraviolet glass provides the highest standard of cannabis storage. The glass is dark enough to protect flower from degradation due to light, while allowing the right amount of light through to keep the buds from becoming moldy or stale. The molecular structures of cannabidiol are permanently activated and naturally energized by violet radiation to better preserve liquids and perishables and extend shelf life.

Jars include modern black phenolic caps with a specialized neck finish and unique PET/LDPE foam liner. The liner is violet in color and known as violet sealing element. Suggested label panel dimensions for cap: 1.920in. 

Please note: These jars feature a specialized neck finish. We cannot guarantee compatibility with caps other than the caps provided. Jars are packed in reusable reshipper cartons with internal corrugated dividers that protect from damage during storage and shipping.

*Bisphenol A is a chemical sometimes used in the manufacture of certain plastics. Bisphenol A was not used in the manufacture of this item.