2.65 oz PP Plastic Deodorant Stick (Cap Not Included)

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  • Perfect packaging for deodorant, sunblock sticks and more
  • Cap sold separately
  • BPA free

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About This Product

2.65 oz PP Plastic Deodorant Stick

Durable PP plastic tubes are an excellent packaging solution for a variety of topical products.  These handy dispensing containers aren't just deodorant sticks anymore.  Alternate uses include lotion bars, sports balm bars, sunblock sticks, topical medications tubes, or even cosmetic blush sticks or perfume bars.  Polypropylene plastic has a maximum fill temperature of 275 degrees F, allowing you to hot fill without risk of altering the shape of the container, all the while providing a barrier against oil and grease.  Dispensing is easy, twist the ribbed dial at the base of the tube to raise or lower product to the desired level.  The wide oval shape provides ample space for product labeling on both sides.  Top fill container. Suggested fill temperature: 165 degrees F.  Caps sold separately. Sold by the each - no large minimum order quantities apply! 

Please note: Test product sample before production to ensure compatibility, fit and functionality of packaging with your product.  Samples available. 

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