70-G450 Black Metal Threaded Caps (Pulp & Poly Liner) - X70-G450B

Item #: X70-G450B

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  • 70-450 Black Metal Threaded Caps
  • Includes Pulp & Poly Liner
  • FDA Compliant, Molded in the USA

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About This Product

70-G450 Black Metal Threaded Caps with Pulp & Poly Liner

Metal threaded caps are compatible with continuous thread (CT) containers and are not compatible with a lug finish. Caps include a pulp & poly (PE) liner which consists of a white pigmented, HDPE layer with a gloss finish and polystyrene backing. Liner provides reseal and good barrier to moisture and moderate barrier to oxygen. This chemical resistance works well with low-acid (inert) products as well as oil and water-based products. Not recommended for active hydrocarbons or bleaches.

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