Berlin Packaging's catalog features a wide range of glass vinegar bottles in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from round, square, triangle, diamond, and more. The square-sided design of classic marasca bottles provides convenient flat areas for easy labeling and makes them efficient for stacking on shelves and packing for shipping. Additionally, find aesthetically pleasing pyramid, art deco, and apothecary styled bottles that offer customer recognition and trust. Bottles accept corks or screw-top caps, depending on the model, and closures are included or sold separately. Glass bottles provide a premium product feel, and won't affect the product's odor or taste. Plastic PET vinegar bottles are also available and make for a lighter, shatter-resistant option. 

Bottle Colors

Like many food bottles, vinegar bottles are available in a range of colors including clear, green, blue, purple, red and amber. Clear bottles are a useful choice to display herbal vinegar and oils, or products that contain layers. Clear bottles are also helpful for the customer to see when they need to buy more product. Unique colored bottles help staff and customers differentiate between products, and add a colorful brand vibe. 

What Products Suit Vinegar Bottles?

Vinegar bottles are suitable for packaging any of your mass-produced vinegar such as red wine, balsamic, white wine, malt, rice wine, or sherry. Like other oil and vinegar bottles, these bottles are useful for highlighting products like champagne, apple cider, coconut, beer, and coffee by using uniquely shaped models like a pyramid, diamond, and art deco. Practical and decorative glass bottles are also suitable for packaging culinary or massage oils, and beauty products such as rose water facial toner. When using cork top bottles, look for a natural tapered cork version when packaging dry goods. Non-porous, colmated corks are BPA free and FDA approved, making them an excellent option for food items. 

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