Trends in Nutraceuticals Packaging

Trends in Nutraceuticals

Over the past several years, consumers have become increasingly focused on health and wellness, and this movement was heightened by COVID-19. The pandemic greatly impacted consumer health categories, especially those with “COVID compatibility,” including immune-boosting vitamins and supplements, which saw extraordinary growth in 2020. As the pandemic begins to wane, many of the trends it influenced are expected to continue.


With a team of designers, market strategists, and engineers, Berlin Packaging can help nutraceutical brands create custom and stock packaging that stands out on shelf, aligns with consumer values of wellbeing and sustainability, and offers convenience and improved functionality.

Mind & Mood

While a more holistic approach to health and wellness was on the rise pre-COVID, the uncertainty, anxiety, and upheaval brought on by the pandemic elevated the importance of mental and emotional health. According to a 2020 EuroMonitor survey of consumer health experts, 75% said that an increased focus on lifestyle conditions like sleep, stress, and cognitive functioning will be very influential post-COVID. Melatonin, CBD, and nootropics are becoming more popular as consumers look for products to help them stay calm, focused, and well-rested.

Onnit Labs recently launched an ultra-premium Black Label variation of their flagship Alpha Brain product, designed for important occasions when peak cognitive performance is essential.
Designed by the branding experts at Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven, the black glass bottle and sleek cylindrical secondary packaging have an elevated aesthetic that stands out from traditional supplements and reflects the product’s high quality and high price point.

According to a 2020 EuroMonitor Health & Nutrition survey, 65% of global consumers consider mental wellbeing as a key factor in perceptions of health.

Alpha Brain Black Label

Clean & Green

One result of consumers’ increased focus on health and wellness is a growing interest in products with natural ingredients and minimal
processing. These attributes often suggest healthier, safer, and higher-quality, and align with changing consumer diets, including
organic, vegan, plant-based, and gluten-free. Packaging plays an important role in ensuring these relevant claims are prominent on-pack through clean labeling and impactful design. Sustainable packaging solutions also align with the natural trend, as consumers are more Eco conscious than ever and looking for companies
to do their part to help the environment.


Companies are reducing their use of single-use plastics through 100% recyclable packaging,eco-friendlier materials including recycled plastics and paper, and refill systems.

A BCG study found that 3 out of 4 consumers are willing to pay more for products with sustainable attributes.

Olly Refill Pouches

Zenwise Vegan Omega-3, brand design by Studio One Eleven

Earthseed Paper Bottle

Convenient Formats

Today’s busy consumers are looking for products that save them time and effort. This includes on-the-go packaging formats, which
will return to relevance as people head back to the office and resume pre-pandemic routines. Daily vitamin packets, for example, can be
easily transported in a purse, car, or travel bag. Persona Nutrition customizes supplements for each consumer’s specific needs and goals and provides personalized and portable packaging. Consumers are also turning to gummies as an enjoyable and convenient option that fits seamlessly into their busy lifestyles. And when it comes to powders, creating a better and easier user experience includes mess-free packaging solutions like Berlin Packaging’s revolutionary POW canister. Instead of digging around for a scoop, this innovative package includes a handy, mess-free pour spout and measuring cup overcap for all-in-one convenience.

Berlin Packaging's POW Canister

Personal Nutrition

Goli Nutrition Gummy Vitamins

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