Tincture Bottles

Find your package solutions with Berlin Packaging's wide variety of wholesale tincture bottles, droppers, and caps. Plastic and glass bottles are available in a range of sizes and cap styles to suit your product needs. Glass is a great option when you want a reusable and recyclable packaging solution. Plastic packaging is also recyclable, but with the added benefit of durability during shipping.

What Type of Tincture Bottle Should I Use?

If your product requires precise delivery, such as essential oils, e-cigarette liquids, herbal tinctures, beauty serums, and food coloring, look for bottles with droppers or needle-tip bottles. Bulk dropper bottles are also suitable for pharmaceutical products and for use in laboratories. Black, purple, and amber glass tincture bottles provide UV filtering, making them perfect for light-sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. UV light filtration reduces the chance of oxidation and can increase shelf storage time. If UV filtering is less of an issue, create a fun brand image with visually appealing clear, blue, and green bottles. Plastic tincture bottles are a lightweight, economical solution. Plastic has the additional benefits of being squeezable, and moisture resistant. For products with different flavors, select a bottle that has multiple cap color options to help customers differentiate your products.

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