Berlin Packaging stocks a wide selection of pharmaceutical plastic bottles and medicinal glass bottles to package anything from supplements to personal care products. Capacities range from less than 0.5 oz to 1 gallon. The bottles come in a range of colors, including models that protect against light. FDA-approved options are available for products required to adhere to strict guidelines.

The Right Plastic Bottles for the Right Product

Plastic bottle options include PET and HDPE bottles for pharmaceuticals, which are able to package abrasive chemicals, don't leach chemicals into their contents, and are impact resistant. HDPE isn't suitable for solvents, however. If heat resistance is a concern, PETG plastic bottles are a good option. LDPE plastic is great for products that need to be squeezed out, as it's a more flexible type of plastic. MDPE is an alternative to PET and HDPE plastic bottles for products that need a higher degree of protection against damage. Plastic bottles are great for packaging pills, syrup, shampoo, conditioner, and roll-on items. Consider cream and ointment bottles with a variety of pump dispenser lids for more exact dispensing. Clear and opaque options are available.

What Are the Benefits of Medicinal Glass Bottles? 

Glass is a popular material for medicinal bottles as it's virtually inert, making them great as medicinal syrup bottles. Glass also lends a sophisticated look to top quality supplements, while being a great alternative for companies who wish to reduce their use of plastic. In addition to pill and syrup bottles, tincture bottles are also available for small capacity, precise preparations.

What Caps and Closures Are There?

There are a variety of plastic and glass bottles that come with caps, but to allow for better customization, lids can also be purchased separately. Dropper lids are great for better control over the dosage of thin liquids, tamper-evident and child resistant capable lids provide additional safety, and continuous thread caps are easier to open. Flip tops, pumps, and roller balls are also available.

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