Tamper-evident tubs are an efficient way to package food. Some PP plastic tubs are freezer friendly to offer versatility in usage, and accommodate a larger variety of products. Using tamper-evident lids on food containers increases consumer trust and confidence in your brand. Plastic tubs with lids are also reusable and recyclable.

Tamper-Evident Tubs For Packaging Food

From deli products to cookies, tamper-evident tubs with lids provide airtight packaging for food products. Using food-grade tubs with tamper-evident seals helps lock-in product freshness, and keep out foreign contaminants. Snap-lock containers provide easy access, are quick to open and close securely after each use, and prevent spills and waste. Tamper-evident tubs and lids are constructed with durable chemical and heat-resistant PP plastic. 

Benefits of Snap-Lock Containers

Snap-lock containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and offer broad surfaces for labels and branding. These plastic tubs are durable, providing shatter-resistant packaging for your product. The airtight seal created by locking the lid onto the container helps prevent food from premature spoilage. Snap-lock containers stack well for storage and shipping purposes and look attractive on store shelves, or in display cases. They also provide consumers with a reusable container for future storage.

Choosing Tamper-Evident Tubs

Plastic tamper-evident tubs are lightweight and seal securely, so consumers can have confidence that the product is free from contaminants. Clear plastic tubs allow consumers to inspect the product before purchase, and the tamper-evident lids can indicate if the package has been compromised. Square plastic tubs with lids work well for multiple packaging needs including candy, lunch meat, butter, and more.

Plastic is a puncture-resistant material, and PP plastics help preserve the flavor of dried foods. Plastic also requires less material to produce than other plastic containers, so it is more cost-effective as a packaging material. Tubs with tamper-evident lids are available in a variety of size options for nearly any food packaging job.

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