Food-Grade Tubs

Conveniently store edible products in food-grade tubs to increase shelf life and help prevent contamination. Plastic food grade tubs are often made from either high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). Both are lightweight materials that can reduce the cost of shipping and can be recycled. HDPE is well known for its resistance to stress cracking and impact, making it a good choice for packaging that needs to survive rough handling or transport. PP is another popular choice because it can withstand fatigue, making it appropriate for tubs with flip tops or hinges.

What Exactly Does "Food Grade" Mean?

Food grade means that the material the tub is made from can come into contact with food products without contaminating them. Food grade specifically refers to packaging that can be used for food preparation, storage, or production purposes.

Types of Wholesale Food Grade Tubs

Plastic food grade tubs with lids can be used to store a variety of edible goods. Choose from snap lock tubs that can be fitted with matching lids to ensure quick and easy closure. Some of them are also tamper-evident, which helps protect product integrity. Other tubs have built-in hand grips for easy handling and carrying, and hinged lids so you don't have to worry about losing them. Square-shaped tubs stack efficiently while oblong containers provide beautiful packaging for items like herbs and spices. Large food-grade tubs are often used as ice cream containers or for bulk storage.

Benefits of Choosing Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging offers additional services such as supply chain management and label design. We also provide warehousing options, so you can reduce inventory-related expenses. Our team of professionals will maintain your stock levels, track deliveries, and provide freight management.

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