HDPE snap-lock containers seal and reseal tightly, and they're suitable for hot fill processing. Plastic snap-lock containers are made from a variety of impact-resistant materials including HDPE, PP, LDPE, and natural PP. 

Snap-lock Containers for Packaging Food

Clear square snap-lock containers are common packaging for lunch meats, cheese, and other sandwich staples. HDPE and PVC round snap-lock containers with handles are FDA-approved for safe food storage. One of the most common food packaging uses for snap-lock tubs is as ice cream pails. Combined with snap-lock lids, food-grade tubs provide a strong moisture barrier and flexible storage. Snap-lock containers with lids keep food products fresh longer during storage, due to the ability to reseal the lids tightly. Plastic snap-lock containers are freezer- and refrigerator-safe and accepted at most recycling centers. 

Features of Plastic Snap-lock Containers

Plastic snap-lock HDPE containers are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so consumers can wash and reuse them. Though they're mainly used for food, snap-lock tubs are strong enough to hold industrial cleaning and repair products. Package joint compound, flooring adhesive, industrial cleaners, and more. The flat base on square, round, and oblong snap-lock containers makes them easier to pack and more stable for stacked shipping. Some snap-lock tubs come with tamper-evident lids so your customers are assured that the contents are intact and uncontaminated.

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