Shaped bottles give products aesthetic qualities that can increase brand visibility. With a wide variety of shapes, colors, and materials available, the bottling process can serve practical and creative purposes. Shaped glass bottles can endure endless recycling and still maintain strength, making them a durable option for packaging.

Shaped Bottles from Different Materials

Shaped bottles are available in multiple materials including glass, plastic, steel, and aluminum. Shaped liquor bottles, such as wine or flask bottles in clear and other colors, keep spirits from losing flavor. Amber glass bottles in long-neck or Boston Round shapes are often used to bottle alcohol due to the color's natural UV-filtering abilities. Green bottles also have natural filtering properties and are popular as wine bottles. Cylindrical and round plastic bottles made of PET plastic are an excellent option for juice, soda, and tea manufacturing companies. Combined with spill-proof sports caps, shaped plastic bottles provide shatterproof, easy-access options for consumers. 

Shaped Plastic Bottles Are Durable

Shaped PET and HDPE bottles are durable and highly resistant to chemical leaching. Using orange or white bottles can protect medication from light that may affect chemical composition. Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies use round PET shaped bottles in different sizes with manufactured child-resistant lids to keep medications out of reach and preserve potency. Cylindrical, bullet, and oval shaped tincture bottles are also available in multiple colors and materials, including PET. 

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