Ideal for dry goods including spices, seasonings and teas, screw top tins are a compact version of the classic aluminum can, and give your product a unique look on the shelf. These cans have secure lids to keep the product fresh, and offer plenty of room for a custom label to give your product the finishing touch it needs to stand out. Available in a variety of capacities, you can purchase screw top tins wholesale to meet any size packaging needs.

Tin-Plated Cans

The FDA approves screw top metal tins made with aluminum and lined with tin-plating for food use. Tin-plated cans have a chromium coating that protects the metal against corrosion and keeps the can from rusting, ensuring that food stays safe and contamination-free. Using these types of seamless tins for your packaging will keep your dry food items fresh, and keep the taste and smell consistent. These tins are not for use with liquids.

Lid Types

There are two types of lids typically used on small tins like these. The simple top found on slip-cover tins pops on and off easily without resealing. A threaded top, like those on screw top metal tins, is more secure and reseals the container when it is screwed back on. These screw-on tops also come in a flush seal style, which is smooth on the outside, rather than showing the threads of the lid, giving your product a sleek, high-end look.

Custom Labels

Berlin Packaging wants your product to look professional from the package to the brand label. Our design team can help with everything from custom labels and brand identity to decal application and stamping. Once you have selected your packaging and labeling, we can create a prototype of your finished product in just a few hours so that you can see what it looks like before ordering. 

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