Package a variety of foods, cosmetics, and medications in FDA approved, food-safe slip cover tins. The shiny, seamless design of these tins project an image of quality to consumers.

Packaging Uses for Slip Cover Tins

Small square and round tins are popular for packaging cosmetics such as lip balms. Seamless short tins may also contain a blank label panel on the lid for branding and other design opportunities. Because of their construction, seamless tins are a smart choice for packaging an array of products, including balms and salves, waxes and candles, or candies and pastes. Use square slip cover tins for cookies, candies, and other confectionery items. Choose high-capacity tins as stylish packaging for popcorn, pretzels, and other treats to offer during holiday seasons. Medium slip cover tins are also useful for packaging artisan candles. Create festive labels or have tins custom decorated to help increase brand visibility. To allow consumers to preview your product on the shelf, try packaging in clear top tins.

Slipcover Wallet Tins Are Versatile

Although wallet tins are small, they're a practical solution to multiple packaging needs for products such as candy and pharmaceuticals. Slip cover wallet tins hold gums, mints, and hard candies and fit easily into pockets and purses. Using tins gives your packaging a unique branding image and makes your product stand out against competitors. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can use slip cover wallet tins for packaging OTC medications like ointments, pain relievers, and antacids. Slip cover tins are also recyclable, making them a sustainable packaging solution.

Choosing Product Packaging

If you're not sure what type of packaging is right for your product, or where to get it, Berlin Packaging can help. From design and packaging to sourcing and quality, Berlin has the services to help you succeed. With over 900 qualified suppliers worldwide, you can be confident the company will find packaging that suits your product.

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