Protecting magazines, books, artwork, manuals, and other non-fragile items while in storage or in the mail presents thoughtful consideration. Berlin Packaging offers extra strength on edges and corners of rigid mailers to stop rolling and creasing. That means rigid mailers are a packaging solution that will make sure documents stay looking flat, professional, and clean.

Rigid Mailers Come Already Assembled

To keep the workforce focused on their duties, rigid mailers come ready to use. With strong, convenient tuck flaps and slots for fast, easy closure, these mailers are time-efficient solutions. For oddly shaped and soft contents, take a look at poly mailers that are tear-resistant, and have peel and stick flaps for fast seals.

Professional And Organic Aesthetics

It's important to get the right aesthetics when displaying a brand, especially when shipping items through the mail, as countless eyes will view the packaging. For a high-end premium look, choose white rigid mailers. The clean minimal color and straight lines give an accomplished look to the receiver expecting a certificate.

For an organic feel, the Kraft rigid mailers show the raw wood fiber construction, giving an earthly aesthetic for sending art, conservation documents, and recycling awareness leaflets. For larger works of art, mailing tubes are strong, and keep content crease free.

Both Kraft and white rigid mailers are easily printable and can stand out with high-quality graphics when mixed with other brands and logos.

Why Paperboard?

Using paperboard for rigid mailers provides a strong, durable, yet lightweight packing material. When shipping rigid mailers wholesale, they are cost-effective. They also cut down your carbon footprint. Made from wood fiber, paperboard is widely re-cycled around the globe, and is renewable and sustainable.

Other Benefits of Rigid Mailers

Whether shipping or storing, rigid mailers and cardboard storage boxes are collapsible when not in use, meaning space is saved in the warehouse, and money is saved when shipping wholesale.

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