Use reclosable poly bags for packaging small parts, food items, and fabrics. Order poly bags with label panels to clearly mark and organize products for shipping, storage, or production. Unlike open mouth bags that require bag sealers or ties, resealable poly bags come with a press and lock seal.

Uses for Resealable Poly Bags

Clear resealable poly bags can be used for a multitude of purposes, from displaying products on store shelves or hangers to protecting fabric items from shipping damage. Reclosable poly bags come in a variety of styles and shapes and can be decorated with paper inserts. A common use for poly bags is packaging sewing materials like fabric and thread. Use resealable poly odor-barrier bags to package scented products like bath bombs, wax melts, or potpourri. Because they are moisture-resistant, clear poly bags are excellent for packaging hard candies, cookies, and other bakery and confectionery products.  You can also package popcorn, jerky, nuts, and other snack items in resealable bags, and then put them in decorative tins for easy gift giving.

Reclosable Poly Bags as a Shipping Material

Boxes and envelopes for shipping often get damaged in transit to stores. If there's no secondary source of shipping protection, fabrics can fray, tear, or become discolored during shipping. Securing products like towels, apparel, and other fabric items in durable poly bags prior to packaging them in shipping boxes helps items remain in pristine condition. Most clear resealable poly bags are now made with recyclable materials, so they are an environmentally-conscious packing choice. Resealable bags are also reusable, so consumers can refill them with other items.

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