When packaging your product, poly bags can serve a variety of purposes, from cushioning fragile items to protecting small pieces from getting lost. These plastic bags are ideal for keeping your items safe from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors and can be a good way to organize and separate individual pieces needed for assembly into easy-to-use groups. Bags can be self-sealing, heat-sealed, or suitable for fastening with twist ties or tape, depending on how secure you need the contents to be. 

Styles of Bags

Available in two different thicknesses, flat poly bags can be used to package items ranging from light to heavier weight and are a good way to protect small items. If you need to package square items or line a box for extra protection, gusseted poly bags are three dimensional to allow for corners. The pleated sides on gusseted plastic bags also make them a good option for odd-shaped items that would stretch or stick out of other bag styles. A bubble pouch protects fragile items from breakage with extra padding, so pieces stay safe during shipping. 

Sealing Options

Bags can be secured using staples, tape, or twist ties to keep items from falling out. If you need to protect small pieces from dirt, moisture, or other damage, you may want to consider heat-sealing poly bags so that air cannot get inside the bag. A resealable poly bag with a zip seal can be handy for items that a customer will want to use multiple times, and a resealable bag also makes it quick and easy to store items.

Inventory Management

Holding extra inventory can eat into your available assets, so Berlin Packaging wants to help you manage your inventory levels and make your supply chain more efficient. Our warehousing options will keep your business running smoothly while lowering your overall costs, all in exchange for business from you.

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