Colored plastic bottles offer lightweight durability in the sizes, shapes, and colors you need. Amber shades provide UV protection, while natural color allows consumers to easily see the amount of contents in the bottle. The right color communicates your brand to your customers. Black is sleek, blue is seen as elegant, and green is associated with nature. Create attractive displays or background contrast for your logo.

Colored Plastic Bottles for Any Use

Depending on your requirements, available bottles range from less than half an ounce to a full gallon capacity with a variety of cap options. Included in our popular items are a selection of plastic beverage bottles, from small water bottles to containers for juice or liquor.

Some of our plastic beverage bottles are comprised of PET to create a lightweight vessel with a clear or amber finish. For greater temperature or chemical tolerance or for silk-screen label decorations, you may select the higher density HDPE containers. Alternatively, for squeeze applications, choose from a selection of softer but durable LDPE plastic bottles. Another good way to introduce color for aesthetic or practical purposes is with glass bottles

What Are the Advantages of Using Plastic?

Lightweight and shatter-resistant, colored plastic bottles are an attractive and affordable choice, and you get the durability and thermal protection plastic provides. Distinguish separate products easily with different colors, or establish your brand with a specific color that speaks to your customer.

Plastic Bottles to Fit Your Business

As a leading full-service supplier of plastic, glass, and metal bottles, containers, and closures, Berlin Packaging furnishes additional services for no charge as a benefit to many customers. From sourcing to supply chain, warehousing and inventory, and decorating and labeling, the Berlin mission is to help customers increase net income and improve productivity.

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