Polystyrene plastic is durable, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and easy to sterilize. These features alone make polystyrene jars a high-quality packaging solution. Polystyrene jars are rigid, have a smooth feel, are non-toxic, and odorless making them suitable for products from pharmaceutical creams and beauty powders to science applications and food.

Why Are Polystyrene Jars Cost-Effective For Wholesale Orders?

Because of their light weight, shipping polystyrene jars wholesale is cost-efficient. Being a long-lasting material, like the heavier glass jar alternative, storing and warehousing polystyrene jars is safe for an extended period. 

Are Polystyrene Jars Safe For Food Industries?

For decades the FDA has cleared polystyrene as a safe product to use with food. It is popular in its foam form as coffee cups, containers for frozen foods, and even in refrigerators and ovens. Polystyrene is an inert, bacteria-resistant product which will protect food from contaminants and moisture, making clear polystyrene jars popular in hospitals and the food service industries. 

Choosing Polystyrene Jars With Lids - Made Simple

With several colored jars and a variety of shapes to choose from, discovering polystyrene jars with lids to complement a product couldn't be easier. A low-profile, thick-sided jar with a silver-rimmed window cap makes for an elegant display of a colorful cosmetic. Round based jars with domed tops for face cream or hair mouse fit comfortably in one hand for ease of application.

More Benefits Of Polystyrene Jars

Clear polystyrene jars give the transparency and smooth shine of glass without the weight. They are easily colored and shaped, making them a competitively priced product. Polystyrene jars are recyclable and reusable, reducing waste in landfills - a popular bonus for consumers.

Making Your Brand Stand Out

Making a brand stand out from the crowd is effortless, as decorating and labeling are part of the quality services supplied by Berlin Packaging. On-site equipment creates a container prototype in hours to show how your label and polystyrene jar look together.

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