There are many uses for plastic vials with lids, from storage of small items like medications, powders, or vape cartridges, to packing materials for electrical components that could get lost or damaged in a larger box. With a choice of size and material, consider what you plan to store or ship inside these small plastic vials with caps. You'll want to determine what type of plastic, what style of lid, and what color and size will work best. 

Plastic Types

While vials are offered in multiple materials, these plastic vials with lids are manufactured with two types of plastic. PP (polypropylene) plastic has a high impact resistance, making it virtually unbreakable, and has a strong resistance to heat and chemicals to ensure that your product will remain unchanged inside. These qualities make it a good option to use for food or medical products, or small parts, wiring, and connectors. PS (polystyrene) plastic is clearer than some other plastics, giving it a look similar to glass, but with the durability of plastic. These are designed for thin, narrow contents, like pens or vaping cartridges. They are also offered in a few colors, and with a child-resistant lid. Other types of plastic vials are available in a variety of capacities, depending on your contents. 

Lid Types

There are two main styles of lid for these plastic vials. If you want a vial that is more easily opened, plastic vials with hinged caps are a good option, as the lid just pops off and snaps back on while staying attached to the vial, avoiding misplacing or losing the cap. If you prefer a child-resistant cap, there are PS vials that come with an LDPE liner and a push-down and turn cap, rather than a screw cap.

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