Plastic paint cans are a good way to store a variety of liquid or viscous products such as colorants, water-based substances, or latex paints. These paint cans are an effective way to protect your products from outside elements, and other contaminants. The resin used to make the cans is predominantly post-consumer recycled, yet these cans match up well with traditional metal paint cans, and provide flexibility for packaging, storing, and reuse.

Benefits of Using Plastic Paint Cans

Plastic is a lightweight material that is known for its durability. Paint cans made from plastic are shatter-resistant, meaning they won't easily break or leak when exposed to rough handling. This reduces product waste and makes it less likely that your packaging will become dented during transportation. Unlike most standard metal paint cans, plastic paint cans do not rust, ensuring that they remain useful for a long time, and continue to preserve contents. Additionally, they are recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option. They are made using polypropylene (PP), which is resistant to certain acids, bases, and chemical solvents.

What Wholesale Plastic Paint Cans Are Available?

Plastic paint cans with lids feature metal rings that create a stable top to the can and a metal plug style lid that creates a strong, sturdy seal. The flat closures and bases allow you to stack the cans, reducing the packing and shipping space. That, combined with the lighter weight can, helps with cutting down on transportation costs. Built-in handles make carrying paint cans easy, and wide mouths ensure simple and quick filling. Some paint cans made from plastic feature snap closures, which are easy to open and close, and which create an airtight seal. The large, outside surface of the plastic can offers sufficient space to provide essential product information, or advertise your brand by applying decals with logos or graphics.

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