Berlin Packaging's range of paint cans provides convenient solutions for customers who want to utilize multiple materials to meet product requirements, and save money. Match paints, stains, epoxies, adhesives, automotive fluids, cutting fluids, greases, lubricants, and more with the right can size and style. 

Available Paint Can Styles

Traditional plug lid cans are available unlined, or with an epoxy lining that makes it best for water-based and latex paints. Cans are available in numerous capacities, and most styles come with a lid. Steel cone top cans and steel flat top cans offer solid packaging for most automotive products. They're available unlined, or with a REL finish. When matching up paint can lid styles, consider plug lids, REL caps, and delta caps, which come with caps options including, brush, dauber, and spout caps. Polypropylene plastic (PP) hybrid cans are also offered, and include plug lids.

What are Hybrid Paint Cans?

Created from 70-percent post-consumer recycled resin, plastic hybrid paint cans are rust and dent resistant. These PP paint cans come in a 1 gallon capacity (4 L) and are suitable for latex paint, colorants, and other water-based products. Metal rings at the top of the can and a metal plug lid provide a strong seal and add strength to the container. Plastic paint cans can be swapped out with metal paint cans.

Paint Can Accessories

Paint can sealers are available in counter-mounted models, and as a portable press model with a base plate. Presses seal gallon, quart, pint, and half pint plastic and metals cans. Triple grip clips and connectors are two of the many paint can accessories that can reduce the chance of spillage or damage during transit. When shipping multiple sizes of cans in the same box, insert paint can connectors for effective stacking to prevent shifting during transit. Overseal locking rings can be applied with a mallet for increased security during shipping.

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