Berlin Packaging has a wide selection of paint can lids wholesale to match up with their cans. The lids help to preserve and protect various products such as paint, chemicals, and solvents. FDA approved and food grade options are available as well, allowing for more packaging versatility.

Metal Paint Can Lids

Metal paint can lids are sturdy, stack well, and can withstand damage that may be caused during travel and storage. They provide a tight seal to prevent air from spoiling paint, and to keep dust, water, and other contaminants out. With a plug style seal, metal lids are easy for the customer to reseal by tapping the lid back onto the paint can, preserving the quality and color of leftover paint. Lid sizes are available to fit standard pint, quart, and gallon paint cans, and other cans for packing adhesives and viscous products. In most cases, metal lids are recyclable. Consider a paint can press for heavy commercial use that provides a tight, even reseal of the can lid.

Lined And Unlined Metal Paint Can Lids Available

Both unlined and epoxy-lined cans lids are available. Unlined lids are safe for oil-based paints, as well as adhesives and coatings. Latex and water-based paints should be packaged in lined cans in order to prevent rust and corrosion. Epoxy lined lids are also suitable for packaging adhesives and coatings. When choosing can lids, check what works best with the product.

Plastic Paint Can Options

Lids for recycled resin paint cans are also available. The metal ring on the top of the can accepts metal plug style lids that give the package strength and allows for a tight seal to protect the contents. These cans and lids can handle water based and latex products as well.

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