Plastic jugs are convenient for transporting and stocking both dry and liquid goods. They make storage and transportation easier. Berlin Packaging offers a wide array of plastic jugs such as empty milk jugs, F-Style jugs, leakproof jugs, automotive fluid jugs, and specialty jugs. Whether you're looking for a versatile grab-n-go wholesale gallon jug or a plastic flex spout container, you'll find a durable option to suit your needs.

Are These Plastic Jugs Suitable for Industrial Applications?

Berlin Packaging offers a variety of options to suit industrial applications. Plastic jugs with handles are easy to carry in workshop and factory floor settings or in laboratories. These utility jugs are cost-effective options, as typically, the larger the quantity ordered, the lower the unit price. Known for their flexibility and strength, HDPE jugs offer impact resistance and have moisture-barrier properties. HDPE plastic jugs are compatible with a wide range of products, such as acid concentrates and some caustics, although they're not suitable for solvents. They offer good protection at below-freezing temperatures, too. These jugs are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes.

Why Use Plastic Beverage Jugs?

Empty gallon jugs with handles are suitable for storing liquids and beverages such as water, juice, or milk. Typically, plastic beverage jugs do not come with caps. The caps are sold separately, and you can opt for different colored caps for your products. This makes it easy for consumers to quickly identify contents during shopping trips and raises brand awareness.

Choose Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is a one-stop shopping experience to purchase gallon containers and other plastic jugs that cater to niche markets as well as industrial needs. They work to create the product you want and ensure it comes with the high quality required for such products.

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