Carboys are strong containers primarily used for storing and transporting liquids. Berlin Packaging offers a variety of HDPE plastic carboys in sizes ranging from 1 gallon up to 16 gallons.

Both round and rectangular carboys with easy-carry handles are available, depending on your packaging needs. Rectangular carboys can easily be stored side by side, making them ideal for organizing and space saving, while round carboys allow for easy mixing of contents.

To save you money, Berlin Packaging also offers plastic carboys in bulk. 

Why Use HDPE Plastic Carboys?

Plastic carboys are plastic jugs that are economical, durable, lightweight, and shatterproof. HDPE plastic provides a sufficient moisture barrier, making these carboys suitable for storing, transporting, and dispensing liquid. The HDPE plastic carboys are opaque, so they help block UV light that may cause contents to deteriorate. These benefits, along with their high chemical resistance, makes the carboys suitable for a wide range of products, including chemicals, acids, and bases in use in laboratories. Some of these HDPE utility jugs are FDA-approved and BPA-free for use with food-related products.

Berlin Packaging offers options of plastic carboys with caps made of polypropylene (PP). Some options have leakproof caps and stopcock connections, allowing for easy dispensing of liquids.

Quality, Stability, and Profitability With Berlin Packaging

Supply chain services are just one of the many services available to customers of Berlin Packaging. The company works with you to analyze packaging purchases, reduce inventory costs, and improve product quality, which helps increase your company's overall competitiveness and growth within your industry.

With access to a global network of 900+ suppliers that have gone through an in-depth qualification process, the procurement team at Berlin Packaging effectively manages multiple sources of supply, fulfills low- and high-volume purchases, tracks on-time delivery, and ensures product quality.

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