Pill & Vitamin Bottles

Pill and vitamin bottles are commonly made from either durable plastic or strong glass. Available in different sizes and colors, they can hold liquids or dry products such as chewable medicines or capsules.

Benefits of Glass Pill Bottles

Due to their nonporous and impermeable nature, glass bottles are often used to protect products from outside contaminants. Because glass has an almost zero chemical reaction rate, it's a good choice for making pill bottles that will hold vitamins or medicines. These supplement bottles protect products from taste and odor alteration.

Benefits of Plastic Pill Bottles

Plastic is an impact-resistant material that reduces damage and leakage in the case of rough handling during shipping. Certain plastics provide a strong barrier against water, oils, and chemicals, protecting contents from becoming contaminated. Lightweight and easy to handle, plastic bottles can decrease shipping costs. Bulk pill bottles with wide mouths allow for easy filling, while those with flip tops can be quickly opened and closed.

Whether you're purchasing wholesale pill bottles for rebranding purposes or looking for a new source, we can help with all your packaging needs. From containers to label design to warehousing, Berlin Packaging can help you take your business to the next level.

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