If your company produces pickles, it's extremely important to choose the correct pickle jars to properly preserve and keep your product fresh. These jars are made of clear glass, which allows consumers to easily see the contents. Glass pickle jars are available in a variety of capacities, shapes, and jar mouth sizes and are suited for a wide variety of preserved foods. 

Pickle Jars With Lids Are Air Tight

Glass pickle jars with lids are air tight, which helps in preserving the product for a longer time. Lids from Berlin Packaging are easy to clean and hence prevent any possible microbial contamination. Glass pickle jars come with two types of closure finishes. Continuous thread (CT) finishes allow the use of a wide range of screw top lids, and this finish is also found on select glass spice jars. Lug finishes are quick to seal with only a partial turn, helping speed up your production line.

Why Is Glass Good for Pickle Jars?

Glass is nonporous and a dependable material to protect your food over time. Pickling brine can contain acidic ingredients such as vinegar, salt, sugar, and spices, which may react with containers. However, with glass jars there is no chemical interaction involved between the jars and their contents, so the taste and aroma of the contents remains intact.

Why Use Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging offers a wide range of glass jars, some with lids. Large-scale businesses can buy pickle jars wholesale to save on cost without sacrificing quality. In many cases, the more units you order, the lower the per unit cost. Teams at Berlin Packaging work with you to create label designs. Glass pickle jars are particularly suited to labeling because of their shape, making them good vehicles for helping make consumers aware of your brand.

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