Perfume Vials

Display your fragrance or offer customers a sample in a wide variety of perfume vials with options for roll-on, spray, and other caps that can help you customize and control exactly how your scent is dispensed. You can purchase bulk perfume vials wholesale in clear or amber glass, as well as a selection of plastics to find the material that is best for your products. Glass cologne vials lend an elegant touch to any size product, while plastic makes a good unbreakable choice for fragrance sample vials.

Cap Types

Some empty perfume vials include the appropriate cap and others come without, so you can choose the cap that is best for your product. Typically, perfumes in spray bottles have lighter scents, while those applied with a roller ball are usually more intense, including essential oils, which often come in this type of health and beauty vial. For high-end products, a stainless-steel roller ball offers a cool feeling as the scent glides on and provides greater penetration of the ingredients than a plastic ball.

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