Perfume Bottles

The kind of perfume bottles you use for your product helps tell customers what kind of product to expect inside. Choose from wholesale perfume bottles in glass, aluminum, or plastic to package and display your fragrance. All bottle types feature ample space for a custom label to enhance your brand, and they are available with a variety of caps, depending on what type of application you prefer.

Application Caps

Perfumes often come in two main application styles: sprays and roll-ons. If your fragrance is light and airy, with more floral and citrus notes, perfume spray bottles with fine mister caps are a good choice. These bottles are also often used for products marketed as body sprays and splashes, in addition to traditional perfumes. If your perfume is muskier, or you are bottling essential oils, roller ball perfume bottles may work better. Oils and perfumes made to be used in higher concentrations may also use glass bottles with dropper caps to dispense a few drops at a time.

Bulk Perfume Bottle Materials

Glass does not chemically react with the materials contained inside it, so glass perfume bottles are a good option for high-end fragrances because you can be sure that the scent will not change over time. Similarly, aluminum will not alter the chemical components of the perfume, protecting the scent of the liquid within. Plastic perfume bottles work well for small and travel sizes since they are more impact resistant.

Shape Options for Perfume Bottles

Cylindrical and bullet shapes are popular choices for body spray bottles and are typically made of aluminum or plastic, making them a good option for fragrances and skin products that are sold in larger volumes. For higher-end perfumes, Boston round bottles, vials, or unique bulb bottles are attractive choices.

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