Steel food cans are a popular choice for storing contents such as dry foods, household goods, or industrial products. They come in a variety of sizes that hold different capacities and can be paired with high-quality metal lids. Choose from open top food cans with various features that can hold anywhere from 4 ounces to 1 gallon.

Benefits of Using Wholesale Food Cans

Steel food cans provide an excellent barrier that protects contents from water, light, and oxygen and keeps products fresh. They're a durable option and are able to withstand extreme pressure and temperatures. Because they're puncture-resistant, they reduce packaging damage and product waste through leakage. Their rigidity and strength allow them to be stacked during transportation, saving space and expense related to shipping. An eco-friendly choice, steel can be continuously recycled without losing its quality over time.

Steel Food Can Features

Choose from unlined tin-plated cans that are good for storing dried goods or open top cans lined with acrylic or C-enamel that can also be used to package wet products. Food cans with wide mouths make filling and dispensing products easy. Some cans come with ribbed bodies, which allows for better gripping and makes handling and pouring easier. Others have smooth sides that provide a good space to attach labels with branding or product information. Steel food cans have wide bases for stability, and some of them come with matching peel-off lids that ensure a tight closure and offer added protection against contamination.

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