Natural plastic bottles are free of artificial colorants and instead remain in their original color. Using natural HDPE plastic bottles is a popular choice among food and beverage manufacturers and the toiletries industry. HDPE has a high tensile strength and is moderately more impact-resistant than other types of plastics.

Natural Plastic Bottles Travel Well

The composition of natural plastic bottles helps prevent damage during shipping. Natural plastic bottles are available in a variety of bottle shapes for virtually any packaging need. Coupled with the right packing materials and shipping boxes, products in plastic bottles are doubly protected during transfer or warehouse storage.

Benefits of Natural HDPE Plastic Bottles

Natural HDPE plastic bottles offer moisture barriers and chemical-resistant properties. Plastic bullet bottles topped with disc caps are popular for bottling toiletries like lotion, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Natural HDPE plastic bottles are inexpensive to produce and easy to package. The naturally colored bottles allow consumers to see the amount of contents, making it easy to replenish liquids and creams.

Ordering Natural Plastic Bottles Wholesale

Purchasing natural square, oblong, or round plastic bottles wholesale can help keep production costs down without sacrificing the use of quality bottling materials. Using natural plastic bottles that have tapered necks is common in the beverage manufacturing industry. Sports caps make it easier for consumers to reseal bottled water or sports drinks, as they push down to seal the bottle. Sealing beverages to protect the contents from spoiling or tampering is easy with tamper-evident sports or snap-screw caps. 

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