Nalgene leakproof bottles provide long-lasting, strong packaging for your products. These plastic bottles are shatter-resistant and can tolerate both high and low temperatures. Their durability and leakproof nature make them a popular choice among the scientific and industrial communities. 

What Materials Are Used?

Nalgene bottles are made from different types of plastic, each with its own packaging advantages. High-density plastic, known as HDPE bottles are strong and durable. They're able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and are chemical-resistant, making Nalgene laboratory plastic bottles a good choice for packaging pharmaceuticals. HDPE lab bottles also provide a strong barrier to water vapor. Nalgene scientific bottles can be made using PETG plastic, which results in flexible bottles that are easy to grip and shock-resistant. The glycol in them prevents the plastic from becoming brittle by protecting it from crystallization. Bottles made from other plastics such as polycarbonate are also durable and impact-resistant. They can be used to store products in freezing or hot temperatures. 

Customize Your Bottles

Many features, such as shape and color, can be modified when purchasing plastic bottles. Amber-colored bottles protect products that could be altered by exposure to light, while natural and white bottles offer a good view of the contents inside. Square bottles provide four distinct sides for separate labels, and round bottles with wide mouths allow for easy dispensing of contents. Nalgene bottles can easily be fitted with continuous thread leakproof caps to create a seal that protects contents from spilling or contamination.

Reasons to Choose Berlin Packaging

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