Leakproof packages are available in a variety of plastic materials, with multiple colors to choose from. Browse our leakproof packages from trusted manufacturers like Kautex and Nalgene to find the right bottling solution to maintain your product's composition.

Benefits of Leakproof Packages

Durable Leakproof packages include a bottle and a closure that when used together prevent the contents of that package from escaping the container.

The secure bottles are high-performance and are designed to stand up to rigorous conditions when filled and closed properly. Buying leakproof bottles wholesale helps keep production costs down while maintaining quality. 

Filter Out Harmful UV Rays With Leakproof Plastic Bottles

Opaque leakproof plastic bottles minimize potential UV impacts on product. UV filtering qualities help the contents in glass bottles maintain their aroma, taste, and chemical composition. If you require leakproof plastic bottles for manufacturing that offer the same UV filtering options, try Nalgene and Kautex leakproof plastic bottles. These leakproof bottles are manufactured to exact standards and may be appropriate for applications where UV protection is essential to retain potency while increasing shelf-life.

Leakproof Plastic Bottles as Labware

The best leakproof plastic bottles for lab use need to be durable and free of toxic additives. The bottles are shatterproof plastic and are less likely to break than glass. Our resins are also selected to minimize additives and reduce potential leachables.

Upgrade Equipment Using Berlin Packaging Financing Solutions

Purchasing leakproof bottles wholesale reduces materials costs, but what if you need long-term bottling solutions? Berlin Packaging has financing options available to update your existing equipment and get you the supplies you need. This company has been providing quality packaging solutions for over 100 years, so know how to help you find the right equipment for your business.

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