Marinade Bottles

Find marinade bottles that can maintain your product's quality and raise brand awareness and appeal. Berlin Packaging's large selection of PET, HDPE, and glass marinade and brine bottles gives food processors lots of choices for getting the product to consumers.

Choose the Right Material for the Product

When considering marinade bottles, the choice of glass or plastic is determined by their features and the product in the containers. PET bottles are lightweight, squeezable, and shatter-resistant options, so they can endure rough use by shipping handlers and end users. That means lower shipping costs and higher consumer satisfaction. They are also dependable barriers against gas and moisture, as well as resistant to heat. Glass bottles resist any interaction between the products and containers, which offers a wide choice of food fills, and they provide a high-end look on shelves.

Are Marinade Bottles With Caps Available?

Our selections allow you to decide on the right type of caps or closures to suit your product. Most of the bottles feature threaded tops that can accommodate several types of threaded and ribbed metal and plastic caps, including squirt spouts under the caps.

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