Cannabis oils remain effective longer when packaged in colored glass jars since glass doesn't absorb oil like other materials may do. Using glass marijuana storage jars helps keep dry leaf marijuana potent when properly sealed. The less air cannabis oils, hemp lotion, and dry marijuana leaves come in contact with, the more beneficial the product remains.

Choosing Marijuana Packaging Jars and Closures

CBD oils have become a useful tool for helping combat a variety of medical conditions, and for the oils to remain effective, packaging choice is vital. Packaging cannabis salves in violet or similar colored straight-sided jars helps keep their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties from deterioration due to harmful UV light. Using glass jars with caps helps keep air out, and glass has natural heat-resistant properties that assist in preventing product breakdown. Tamper-evident closures on marijuana packaging jars ensure consumers know the product is intact before purchase.

Labeling Requirements for Glass Marijuana Storage Jars

For smaller glass cannabis oil bottles, packaging often includes boxing, with the box or internal leaflet containing all relevant content information. Glass jars used to package marijuana will usually contain all dosage, ingredient, and potential side-effect information directly on the label. Having the right vinyl or peel-and-stick label design also helps consumers know whether marijuana products are oral or topical. Providing proper information on your marijuana packaging jar labels can help prevent certain types of liability in the event of misuse.

Let Berlin Packaging Help You With Labeling Details

Berlin Packaging can handle your decorating and labeling needs by helping you create labels with stunning graphics that include all the required medicinal or body product information. Experienced designers work with you to develop a branding solution for your products until the end result is to your satisfaction.

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