Juice Jugs

Single or multi-serving juice jugs, holding from 32 ounces to a gallon, are available in glass and plastic designs.

Benefits of Glass and Plastic Juice Jugs

Glass and HDPE plastic juice jugs have different features that enhance a product's look and feel. Both are durable, safe for storage, and recyclable. Glass juice jugs are hefty and inert. Glass's transparency shows the attractive juice inside. HDPE plastic is lightweight, making it cost-efficient to ship juice jugs wholesale. For all food and beverages, be sure to check for FDA approval on the chosen container.

Profit from Effective Inventory and Warehousing

Berlin Packaging has an extensive supply chain that manages inventory, oversees vendors, and adapts warehousing needs to the customer's needs. With continuing competitive cost of goods, we provide quality, cost-efficiency, and ease to our customers.

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