Single or multi-serving juice jugs, holding from 750 milliliters up to 9 liters come in different materials like glass and plastic, designer shapes, and colors to make the most of a product and brand.

Features and Shapes of Juice Jugs

Being an important feature of a jug, the handle as well as the body shape has an impact on the flow of liquid while being poured, and carried, especially if it has a large capacity. Handles make it easy to pour contents, whereas a finger loop works for tipping out smaller amounts of content.

Benefits of Glass and Plastic Juice Jugs

Glass and HDPE plastic juice jugs have different features that enhance a product by its look or feel, and by the properties it's made from. Both are durable, safe for storage, and recyclable. Glass juice jugs are hefty and are inert. Colored glass containerswill not fade and stand out on a shelf. Glass has a transparency to it which shows the attractive juice inside. HDPE plastic is light-weight, making it cost-efficient to ship juice jugs wholesale. For all food and beverages, be sure to check for FDA approval on the chosen container.

Completing the Design for Juice Jugs With Lids

One impact on design for a juice jug is the lid. For instance, juice jugs snap-locked, tamper-evident lids will appeal to parents and care-givers. Plastic jugs with a continuous thread and glass jugs with swing tops are popular for reuse. With a huge range available, finishing the design of jug with a high-quality lid is easy.

Profit From Effective Inventory and Warehousing 

Berlin Packaging has an extensive supply chain which manages inventory and oversees vendors, and adapts warehousing needs to the customer. With continuing competitive cost on goods, Berlin gives quality, cost-efficiency, and variety to their customers.

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