Spices can lose flavor when they aren't packaged properly, but using glass spice jars with air-tight closures helps extend shelf life. Clear glass spice jars are an attractive form of spice packaging because it's easy for consumers to see content levels, helping make your branded jars a favorite choice.

Benefits of Glass Spice Jars

The fact that glass is nonporous helps protect contents from air when jars are paired with screw top or other air-tight caps. For maximum shelf life, store clear glass spice jars in dark, cool areas such as temperature-controlled warehouses before shipping. Use glass jars with cork lids to add a classic look to your product and keep air from making spices less aromatic and flavorful. Prepared spices that are ready for packaging should have as little exposure to light, air, and moisture as possible. Maintaining a stocked inventory of clear glass spice jars and preferred closures helps make sure your product is packaged at the height of freshness.

Choosing the Right Packaging for Spices

Glass spice jars come in different shapes and sizes so you can find the right packaging for your product. Cylindrical and round versions are popular, but square glass spice jars are an appealing and equally beneficial option. Smaller glass spice jars with sifter lids and separate screw caps provide the same easy-pour solution with air-tight closures that protect your spices. You can also choose from a wide variety of glass food and gourmet jars in unique shapes, including large jars for bulk storage.

Berlin Packaging Provides Sourcing Solutions

Berlin Packaging offers valuable sourcing solutions. The company works with over 900 qualified suppliers to help ensure your packaging arrives on time. Keep your inventory stocked with high-quality packaging options so you're always ready for production.

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