Glass food jars are used for packaging both cold and hot processed foods. Small glass food jars work well for jams, jellies, relishes, and mustards because they help preserve beneficial vitamins and flavor when properly sealed. Larger food jars are useful for packaging food in bulk sizes, including pickles and olives.

Glass Food Jars Help Preserve Taste

Using glass food jars with airtight closures keeps foods free of foreign material that may cause contamination. Acidic foods like tomato-based products preserve well in glass sauce jars because glass doesn't alter composition based on content. Glass food jars with lids also help keep the fresh aroma of your products, and glass' natural light-filtering properties help preserve color.

Uses For Glass Food Jars With Lids

Vinegar-based foods like pickled herring stay fresh longer when you use clear glass pickle jars with vacuum sealing threaded metal caps. Small glass food jars with sifter tops and screw caps are used to store powdered spices to protect them from moisture that can cause caking. Airflow can make packaged foods stale, or cause them to lose their nutrients. Non-porous glass food jars with lids help prevent moving air. Glass doesn't absorb odors or oils, so savory items like balsamic vinegar and olive oil won't lose their aroma or consistency. Square glass food jars can also be used to package chocolate and other sweets to create a unique design solution. Adding colored lids that match labels can help your product stand out among your competitors.

Quality Warehouse and Inventory Management

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