Give your products a classic, down home feel with glass pickle jars. Display your product while keeping it fresh and free from changes in flavor or smell. Choose from a variety of capacities in plain general purpose jars, glass Mason jars or barrel-style jars used for traditional pickles, and any other items that are pickled or preserved, like peppers and tomatoes. With ample room for custom labeling, and several types of lids to choose from, you can create a container that makes your product stand out on the shelf.

Classic Mason Jars

For brands that want a homemade look for their products, glass mason jars can be a great option. Long the favorite container for pickles made straight from a home garden, these traditional glass pickle jars offer customers a container that they'll want to reuse, giving your brand longevity in their home. Mason jars are also made with more tempered glass than other glass jars, which is why they are popular for canning, and can be used for some hot-fill applications without breaking.

Types of Lids

When choosing between round pickle jars, mason jars and other styles, also consider the type of lid that you want to pair with the jar. A lug finish only requires the lid to be turned part way to close, so glass jars with lug caps only need a one-quarter turn to seal. Jars with continuous thread finishes feature a single spiral, and lids must be turned all the way around to properly close. 

Custom Decorating & Labeling

Once you have your container selected and are ready to order your pickle jars in bulk, Berlin Packaging can help you customize the finished product with turnkey services like frosting and acid etching, neck bands, and label application. Our design studio can create labels and branding for you, or we can use existing designs to give you prototypes in just a few hours. 

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