Honey is as varied in flavor and color as the blooms bees harvest to create it. From daily ritual to special treats, people of all ages and nationalities have an appetite for honey. Show off the luster and texture of nature's nectar with glass honey jars, from hive-shaped clear glass honey jars for artisan hand-harvested honey by craftspeople passionate about bees, to the whimsical, lovable honey bear.

Why Use Glass Honey Jars?

Airtight glass provides one of the best containers to preserve and store honey. In addition to style and transparency, a glass honey jar restricts water loss and prevents crystallization. For additional sizes and styles, browse glass jam and jelly jars.

Honey may interact with any metal aside from stainless steel. When purchasing glass honey jars with lids, a gold lug cap with a plastisol liner adds a stylish accent to the jar and helps preserve the honey.

A full selection of glass honey jars is available from 1 ounce to 1 gallon in capacity. Select from traditional round, skep, and honey bear jars as well as other stylish and eye-catching jars.

Show Off Nature's Beauty

Bees visit millions of blossoms in their lifetimes, and the flowers weave a unique story into each spoonful of honey. Savored as a sweet treat by people for at least 8,000 years, honey's flavors are familiar around the world. Clear glass honey jars display and preserve this natural treasure. Take the presentation of all your glass food jars to the next level. In addition to honey jars, browse gourmet glass jars.

Berlin Packaging Offers More Than First-Rate Service

Volume discounts, fast shipping, and good customer service are just the beginning of the benefits of ordering glass honey jars in bulk with Berlin Packaging. We also provide free support services to clients in exchange for packaging business. Stand out on the shelf with turnkey decorating and labeling services.

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