Glass Cosmetic Jars

Beauty products benefit when packaged in high-quality glass cosmetic jars. Because of its heft, glass conveys value and excellence when held, and is aesthetically pleasing on a shelf. Glass cosmetic jars are easily grasped and can be securely held in one hand when applying makeup.

Choosing Wholesale Glass Cosmetic Jars for A Product Line

Many styles, shapes, thicknesses, and colors of bulk glass cosmetic jars are available. When considering if packaging suits a product, knowing how the consumer prefers to access it is essential. For instance, with most lip balms, a finger application requires a shallow, small-mouthed jar, whereas creams and lotions are more convenient in wide-mouthed jars.

Classic straight-sided and contemporary square glass jars are both worth consideration for eye shadows, liquid foundations, blush, or solid powders, as both shapes appeal to broad age groups. Use different glass colors to heighten the fun aspect of seasonal makeup, or coordinate a product range by choosing lids in the same color. Many beauty products are brightly colored and benefit from clear glass cosmetic jars where the consumer can immediately identify a shade.

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