Berlin Packaging offers Boston Round glass bottles in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your packaging needs. The rounded body and shoulders of these bottles make them easy to label, and their glass construction and strong bases stand up well to daily wear and tear. Use these bottles to beautifully showcase the contents and your brand.

Why Use Glass Bottles?

The durability of glass allows it to be reused many times. Glass can be recycled endlessly. This makes glass an eco-friendly option, which is becoming increasingly important to consumers. 

Glass bottles are a prime storage option for products that are not compatible with plastic bottles. Glass bottles are ideal for the storage of food, beverages, and chemicals, because the material has a low rate of chemical interaction with contents. It's also nonporous and impermeable. Colored options can help maintain product integrity.

Customizable Options: Size, Color, Cap, and Closure

Boston Round bottles are available in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 32 ounces, and they come in frosted and colored options. Boston Round glass bottles can be paired with metal caps, lotion pumps, and droppers.

Why Use Colored Glass Bottles?

Visually appealing blue and green Boston Round glass bottles protect the contents from light and can be helpful for color-coded storage. Amber bottles protect the contents from light damage by helping deflect UV rays. This makes amber bottles a good option for long-term storage by protecting the integrity of light-sensitive products. 

Choose Berlin Packaging for Quality

Berlin Packaging has a dedicated Quality Service Division. The Quality team has expert knowledge of all aspects of design and development. They understand and help you utilize concepts such as waste reduction and efficiency assessments to get your business thriving and growing.

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