Glass gives a superior feel to any product, and clear glass bottles are visually simple yet attractive when used for beverages. Glass is able to preserve flavors and aromas, so is well-suited to holding liquors, fruit juices, and dairy drinks.

What Are the Benefits of Using Glass Beverage Bottles?

When consumers easily see contents displayed in crystal-clear glass bottles, it helps increase trust in the reliability of the company and product. Glass has a quality weight to it, giving an element of value to the product, whether it's a delicately nuanced wine or fresh-from-the-farm milk. For decades, the ability of glass beverage bottles to extend the shelf life of products from wines to whiskey and its effectiveness in preserving honey, jams, and jelly has been well known. To protect light-sensitive products, such as beer and wine, from damage, colored glass bottles are a smart choice. Glass keeps its shape, so whether your product line requires classic bale wire growler bottles or glass flask bottles, the finished items always look aesthetically pleasing.

Glass Is a Versatile, Environmentally Friendly Choice

Storing goods in glass containers is popular because glass is made from natural elements. It's a pure product with a natural barrier against toxins, making it suitable for consumables in the food and beverages industries. Sterilization procedures during bottling of beverages are essential, and glass bottles usually stand up well to high temperatures. Glass can be recycled many times without losing its strength and integrity, and it's environmentally friendly.

Benefit From Quality and Accuracy

Expert knowledge in the quality service division on-site testing lab at Berlin Packaging ensures consistently high-quality products reach you on time. With vibration and leak testing, video microscope metrology, and seal evaluations, to name a few, the quality process is extensive to safeguard your product.

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